History of the Water Tower

The water tower was originally erected in 1921 on the M.H. Whittier Ranch located at the southeast corner of Avenue 48 and Jackson Street in what is today the City of Coachella.

  • The overall height of the tower and tank combined is approximately 60 feet.
  • The water tower portion is 11 feet high by 20 feet in diameter.
  • The 11 foot portion is wrapped in galvanized sheet metal over a wooden circular frame. 
  •  The roof with the cage on top is approximately 4.5 feet tall.
  • The approximate weight of the tower is 11,000 pounds - without water.

The water tower was placed over the water well and the water was pumped to the tank of 8,000 gallons.  The combined weight of the water and the height provided adequate water pressure for the homes and packing sheds on the ranch.

In 1993 the tower was moved to the Coachella Valley Museum by the children of Hurbert Richert, a local date grower,  as a memorial.

We invite you to visit the museum and view this iconic piece of local history up close and personal!

Your Contribution

​​Your contribution towards the restoration of this great piece of local history will help us continue to share this with generations to come.  

Your tax deductible contribution to this project will not only restore the water tower but also many historic farm  implements.

Leave your mark on this project through one of these levels of contribution:

  • $15,000 | Guardian
  • $10,000 | Water Sultan
  • $5,000 | Aquifer Angel
  • $1,000 | Historian
  • $500 | Reservoir
  • $250 | Tower
  • $249 and below  | Supporter

To make your contribution you may use the GoFundMe link or PayPal link below or contact Janice at 760.342.6651 or janice@cvhm.org.

M.H. Whittier Ranch Co.

Water Tower Restoration Project | 2016

Restoration Project 2016

Be part of this once in a lifetime RESTORATION project! CVHM is embarking on a project to restore the historic M.H. Whittier Co. water tower and our collection of farm implements.

On behalf of our visitors, including the 3000 plus third grade students who visit our campus to learn about this iconic piece of local history, we invite you to be part of HISTORY through this restoration project!

Through this campaign we seek to raise $50,000 towards the restoration of the water tower and farm implements.

Water Tower and Farm Implements Restoration Project will include:

  • Project began November 10, 2015 when the water tank was removed and placed on the ground for a full evaluation.
  • The evaluation of the structure provided us with the necessary steps to begin the restoration of the tower..
  • 2016 - The restoration process will begin as soon as possible and will take place on the museum grounds.  
  • October 2016 - Target completion date of the water tower.
  • January 2017 - Target completion date of the farm implements.

Preserving and sharing the history of the Coachella valley

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