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​​M.H. Whittier Ranch Water Tower
2016 Rehabilitation Project

GUARDIAN | $25,000
Patty & Tom Spates In honor of Hubert C. Richert

WATER SULTAN | $24,999 - $10,000
The Keck Family
Grethe & Carl  Cox

AQUIFER ANGEL $9,999 - $5,000
Dolores & Bruce Clark
Russell Friestad
The Woman’s Club of Indio

HISTORIAN | $4,999 - $1,000
Dr. Priscilla & Chuck Porter
Connie Cowan
Yvonne Weischedel

RESERVOIR | $999 - $250
Gloria and Ruben Franz
Karen Hawkesworth
Diana Kitagawa & Rod Hendry
Richards & Watson, Gershon

SUPPORTER | $249 & under
Carolyn & Bill Tanghe
Cathy & Bill Claborn
Linda & Carl Poirot
Nancy Salvatierra
Jeri Taylor
Suzanne Bollard
Carole Kieley Hayes
Adele Ruxton
Coralynn Huffsmith
Elizabeth Frayer

Thank you for preserving this iconic piece of Coachella Valley history for future generations

History of the Water Tower

The water tower was originally erected in 1921 on the M.H. Whittier Ranch located at the southeast corner of Avenue 48 and Jackson Street in what is today the City of Coachella.

  • The overall height of the tower and tank combined is approximately 60 feet.
  • The water tower portion is 11 feet high by 20 feet in diameter.
  • The 11 foot portion is wrapped in galvanized sheet metal over a wooden circular frame. 
  •  The roof with the cage on top is approximately 4.5 feet tall.
  • The approximate weight of the tower is 11,000 pounds - without water.

The water tower was placed over the water well and the water was pumped to the tank of 8,000 gallons.  The combined weight of the water and the height provided adequate water pressure for the homes and packing sheds on the ranch.

In 1993 the tower was moved to the Coachella Valley Museum by the children of Hurbert Richert, a local date grower,  as a memorial.

Water Tower Rehabilitation Project | 2016

Rehabilitation Project 2016

Phase One of the Rehabilitation Project has been completed!  Thank you to our generous donors and supporters for making the move and rehabilitation dream a reality.  The Water Tower now sits prominently in the heart of the museum campus and is visible from many directions around Indio.

Phase Two  will include a professional lighting system that will enhance the beauty of the tower and provide security.  This phase will be panning out in 2018.

  • Project began November 10, 2015 when the water tank was removed and placed on the ground for a full evaluation.
  • October 2016 - Completion date of the water tower and reception.

M.H. Whittier Ranch Co.